A Game Of Dirty Street Football

The gangs of angry brawlers have found a new way to settle a score, or, earn the ultimate rule in the streets . They are fighting it out against each other in a no-holds-barred / rough game of street football.
It's a world of dirty street football, filled with dangerous, mean & powerful brawlers whom you will be competing against. There are no rules. The only thing that matters is winning. You will not only need strong football skills, but powerful survival instincts to survive on the field while you play this one of a kind football game.
Do you have what it takes to become the strongest street gang out there?

Challenge Matches

Play against other gangs at real locations. Find challenges at locations in your area. Win and capture as many areas as you can. The more you win, the stronger you become. The stronger you become, the difficult it is going to be for other gangs to capture the locations where you have already won.
Capture as many locations as possible and win the ultimate rule in the streets. Start by creating your gang. Challenge & win against other gangs to capture their locations and areas. Become the most powerful gang out in the streets. Time to begin!

Live Multiplayer

Use multiplayer to challenge your friends in realtime. Shoot 'em, tackle 'em, punch 'em and win the CHALLENGE. Fight it out against each other as the badass STREET GANGS. No internet needed!
Some things to remember :
- You and your friends need to be on the same wifi network.
- Ensure strong signal and stay close to the wifi.
- Play Hard! 😉
Time For Some BRAWL!

Fun To Play!

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